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B Pharma seventh Semester All Subjects Question Papers

Download B Pharmacy 7th semester previous all Question Papers as per PCI free.

In this post, I have given you the download link of B Pharma seventh semester all subjects question papers of all previous year's exams from 2021 to 2022. You can download it by clicking on the download link given below.


All the given question papers are given as per the PCI Syllabus of B Pharm seventh Semester, so all B Pharmacy students in India can use these question papers.

From 2021 to 2022; Three Question Papers and exams were conducted for B.Pharm 7th semester in March 2021, November 2021, and June 2022.

There is a total of four important theory subjects in B Pharm seventh semester which are conducted in the semester exam, they are given below.

Download B.Pharm seventh Semester All Subjects Question Papers

You can download all question papers for the B Pharm seventh Semester by clicking on the link below.

Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Instrumental Methods of Analysis (BP701T) consists of five units and questions have been asked on the following topics.
  1. UV Visible spectroscopy
  2. Fluorimetry
  3. IR spectroscopy
  4. Flame Photometry
  5. Atomic absorption spectroscopy
  6. Nepheloturbidometry
  7. Introduction to chromatography - Adsorption, Thin layer, High-performance liquid chromatography, Ion exchange, Gel, Affinity, gas, and Paper chromatography.
  8. Electrophoresis

Industrial Pharmacy 2

Industrial Pharmacy 2 (BP702T) consists of five units and questions have been asked on the following topics.
  1. Pilot plant scale-up techniques
  2. Technology development and transfer
  3. Regulatory affairs
  4. Regulatory requirements for drug approval
  5. Quality management systems
  6. Indian Regulatory Requirements

Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice (BP703T) consists of five units and questions have been asked on the following topics.
  1. Hospital and its organization
  2. Hospital pharmacy and its organization
  3. Adverse drug reaction
  4. Community Pharmacy
  5. The drug distribution system in a Hospital
  6. Hospital formulary
  7. Therapeutic drug monitoring
  8. Medication adherence
  9. Patient medication history interview
  10. Community pharmacy management
  11. Pharmacy and therapeutics committee
  12. Education and training programs in the hospital
  13. Prescribed medication orders and communication skills
  14. Over-the-counter (OTC) sales
  15. Drug store management and inventory control
  16. Investigational use of drugs
  17. Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Tests

Novel Drug Delivery System

Novel Drug Delivery System (BP704T) also consists of five units and questions have been asked on the following topics.
  1. Controlled drug delivery systems
  2. Polymers
  3. Microencapsulation
  4. Mucosal Drug Delivery system
  5. Implantable Drug Delivery Systems
  6. Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
  7. Gastroretentive drug delivery systems
  8. Nasopulmonary drug delivery system
  9. Targeted drug Delivery
  10. Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
  11. Intrauterine Drug Delivery Systems

We have uploaded all the study materials required for B.Pharm 7th Semester like notes, question banks, Blueprint's syllabus copies, etc. you can check them it will help you a lot in your studies.
If you are facing any problems with the download links, you can let me know in the comments.

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