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B Pharmacy 4th Semester Notes PDFs Free

Download B Pharmacy 4th semester all subjects notes Pdfs free as per PCI 2023.

I n this post, I have given you the download links of the Handwritten and Standard Notes of the B Pharmacy 4th semester 2023. B Pharmacy fourth Semester has the main 5 Theory Subjects per PCI 4th Semester Syllabus.

Download B Pharmacy 4th Semester All Subjects Notes Free

You can download B Pharmacy 4th semester notes of all subjects by clicking on the names of subjects.

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-3 Notes


Pharmaceutical Organic-3 Chemistry provides knowledge about stereochemical aspects of organic compounds and organic reactions, including important named reactions and the chemistry of crucial heterocyclic compounds. It also focuses on therapeutic and other uses for organic compounds. -Download Here

Medicinal Chemistry-1 Notes


Medicinal Chemistry-1 is intended to provide fundamental knowledge about drug structure, chemistry, as well as therapeutic value. This subject focuses on the structure-activity relationships and the importance of physicochemical property, as well as the metabolism of drugs. The syllabus also focuses on the chemical synthesis essential drugs for each class. -Download Here

Physical Pharmaceutics-2 Notes


Physical Pharmaceutics-2 focuses on the physical and physicochemical characteristics and principles involved in dosage forms/formulations. The student will be able to combine theory and practice to gain a deeper understanding of various areas of formulation research, development, stability studies, and pharmaceutical dosage.-Download Here

Pharmacology-1 Notes


Pharmacology-1's primary goal is to learn about the effects of drugs on living organisms and to help with therapeutics. This subject includes information about drugs such as their mechanism of action, biochemical and physiological effects (pharmacodynamics), absorption and distribution, metabolism and excretion (pharmacokinetics), adverse effects, clinical uses, and interactions of various classes of drugs.-Download Here

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-1 Notes


The Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry-1 subject covers the basics of Pharmacognosy, such as scope, classification, identification, evaluation, phytochemicals found in them, and their medicinal properties.-Download Here
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