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B Pharmacy 2nd Semester Notes PDF Free

Download B Pharmacy 2nd semester all subjects notes Pdfs free as per PCI 2023.
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I n this post, I have given you the download links of the Handwritten and Standard Notes of the B Pharmacy 2nd semester 2023. B Pharmacy Second Semester has the main 5 Theory Subjects per PCI Second Semester Syllabus.

Download B Pharmacy 2nd Semester All Subjects Notes Free

You can download B Pharmacy 2nd semester notes of all subjects by clicking on the download links given below.

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology-2 Notes


Human Anatomy and Physiology-2 aim to provide fundamental knowledge about the structure and function of the various systems in the human body. It helps to understand both the homeostatic and pharmacological mechanisms. This subject gives you the foundation knowledge necessary to comprehend multiple pharmacy disciplines. - Download Here

  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-1 Notes


Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-1 covers the classification and nomenclature for simple organic compounds, their structural isomerism, intermediates in reactions, important physical property, reactions, and preparation methods. The syllabus also focuses on the mechanisms and orientations of responses. - Download Here

  • Biochemistry Notes


Biochemistry studies chemical reactions at the molecular level in living cells. This subject covers biochemical facts and principles that allow us to understand how nutrient molecules are used in physiological and pathological conditions. It also focuses on the genetic organization and autocatalytic functions of DNA. - Download Here

  • Pathophysiology Notes


Pathophysiology studies the causes and responses of disease-producing factors. This course is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the basic pathophysiological mechanisms and pharmacological applications of pathology. It will allow you to not only learn the basics of pathology, but also give you the foundation knowledge necessary to safely, confidently and rationally practice medicine. - Download Here

  • Computer Applications in Pharmacy Notes


Computer Applications in Pharmacy deals with the introduction of Databases, Database Management systems, computer applications in clinical studies, and the use of databases. - Download Here

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