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Hello everyone, In this article, I've shared an overview as well as download links to Biostatistics And Research Methodology Notes according to the PCI syllabus for B Pharm 8th Semester.


In the notes from Biostatistics And Research Methodology, we have provided two types of notes, including Handwritten notes as well as Standard notes.

Biostatistics And Research Methodology notes will cover graphs as well as descriptive statistics correlation. the theory behind regression in logistic regression, Sampling method Parametric tests Non Parametric tests ANOVA An Introduction to Design of Experiments, the phases of clinical trials, as well as experimental and observational studies employing SPSS R MINITAB. statistical software that analyze the statistical data by using Excel.

Friends In the Biostatistics And Research Methodology As per the syllabus copy of PCI B Pharm 8th semester, there are a total of 5 units in this subject.

Let us see what is in the syllabus of Biostatistics And Research Methodology,

Download Biostatistics And Research Methodology Notes PDFs FREE

Click on the following download buttons below the names of the units to download Biostatistics And Research Methodology all units both Handwritten and Standard Notes.


An Introduction to Statistics Statistics Biostatistics Statistics Frequency distribution Central tendencies measures Median, Mean Mode, & Mode Examples from pharmaceutical industries. Dispersion measures Dispersion Standard deviation, range pharmaceutical problems correlation definition Karl Pearson's coefficient correlation multi-correlations. Examples pharmaceuticals


Regression Fitting curves by applying the least-squares method, making the lines with y = a + box with x = multiple regression, the standard error of the regression. Pharmaceutical Example of Probability Definition of Probability the normal distribution or binomial distribution Poisson's properties of distribution for problems Large sample, Sample small sample, population hypothesis sampling, the principle for sampling. The many kinds of sampling, Error-I type Error II type, Standard deviation of average (SEM) (SEM) -- Pharmaceutical Examples of Parametric testing: t-test(Sample, Pooled or Paired & unpaired) ANOVA (One method & two ways) Least Significance variations


Tests that are not parametric: Wilcoxon Rank Test Mann-Whitney U Test Kruskal-Wallis test Friedman Test Introduction to Research: The need for research is imperative. Design of experiments & experimental Design Methodology Plagiarism graphs like Histogram, Pie Chart, & Cubic Graph. Counter Plot graph Design Methodology to determine the amount of sample size & the potential of a report's the form of writing & presentation, & protocols, Cohorts studies that are observational & experimental research, & designing clinical trials at different phases.


Confounding as well as blocking Regression modeling of the system on two different levels. Hypothesis Testing in simple or multiple regression models Practical introduction to Industrial Clinical Trials Problems: Statistical Analysis Utilizing Excel SPSS MINITAB (r) & DESIGN OF Experiments Online statistical software's Industrial clinical trials.


The Design of Analysis & Analysis of Experiments Research & Analyzing the results of experiments Design 2. 23 23, 23design. Advantages of factorial design Response Surface methodology: Central composite design, Historical design, Optimization Techniques

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