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Hello friends, welcome you to our website today in this post, we have shared an overview and direct download link of B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Eighth semester blueprint (Mark wise syllabus copy or Curriculum design) PDF.

Read the overview below and download pdf free by just clicking on the Download button given at the end of the post.

Overview of the Eighth semester blueprint of B.Pharm

This blueprint includes the mark wise syllabus of B.Pharm Eighth semester, B.Pharm Eighth semester blueprint allows you to mark wisely distribute the syllabus in the Eighth semester.

Dividing the syllabus mark wise gives the following benefits to the students.

Benefits of blueprint

  • Knows the syllabus of low marks and high marks so it helps the students to plan their syllabus according to the marks.
  • You can also call Blueprint a guide, blueprint helps you to understand something uniquely.
  • Understanding which subject has how many marks creates curiosity and interest in students to complete the study.
  • Assigning all the syllabus marks wisely helps students who have less time to study or students who want to get higher marks or pass by studying in less time.
  • Blueprint is for everyone, some use blueprint just to pass, some use to get in the top rank.
For the Eighth semester having total 12 subjects in that subjects That's are given below,

Theory Subject's names

  1. Biostatistics And Research Methodology
  2. Social And Preventive Pharmacy
  3. Pharma Marketing Management
  4. Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science
  5. Pharmacovigilance
  6. Quality Control And Standardization Of Herbals
  7. Computer Aided Drug Design
  8. Cell And Molecular Biology
  9. Cosmetic Science
  10. Pharmacological Screening Methods
  11. Advanced Instrumentation Techniques
  12. Dietary Supplements And Nutraceuticals

Note: All the question papers, syllabus copies and blueprints on our website are in accordance with the standards of pharmacy new syllabus 2017.

Pdf file details
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Download free pdf of the Eighth semester blueprint of B.Pharm

You can download the Eighth semester blueprint of B.Pharm by clicking on the given download button

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