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Download Pharmaceutical Engineering Previous Question Papers

Download Pharmaceutical Engineering (BP304T) previous all Question Papers of B Pharmacy 3rd Semester free from year 2019-2023.

In this post, we have shared an overview and download links of Pharmaceutical Engineering's previous question papers for the B Pharma third-semester exam from 2019-2023.

Read the overview below and check the given table and download question papers by clicking on the download link.


Pharmaceutical Engineering is the subject of the third semester of the second year of the B Pharma course, this subject is also called ENG short. The subject has both theory and practical question papers, and their codes are BP304T and BP308P respectively.

In India, the subject of Pharmaceutical Engineering was first added to the B.Pharm course in the year 2017 by the PCI.

Question Paper Pattern of Pharmaceutical Engineering


The theory question paper of Pharmaceutical Engineering has a total of three main questions,

The first question (long essay) is for 20 marks in that having total of 3 questions, each question is for 10 marks, from the three questions you need to write only any two questions.

The second question (short essays) is for 35 marks in that having total of 9 questions, each question is for 5 marks, and from the 9 questions, you need to write only any 7 questions.

The third question (short answers) is for 20 marks in that having total of 10 questions, each question is for 2 marks, from the 10 questions you need to write a total of 10 questions.

The question paper is of a total of 75 marks with which one of 10 marks and two questions of 5 marks are optional.


Friends, in March 2021, Rajiv Gandhi University Karnataka made some new changes in the Question Papers Pattern of B.Pharma, the new Question Papers pattern is given below.

In the new question pattern, only 10 marks and 5 marks questions have been changed.

According to the new question pattern, there is a total of 3 questions for 20 marks in the long essay questions of 10 marks, there is only one OR question for the 1st question in them, out of them you have to write only 1 question. And there is no OR question for the second question.

Similarly, the questions in Next Short Essays have a total of 7 questions for 35 marks, 1st and 2nd with one OR question for each, but none for the remaining 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th questions.

Download free Pharmaceutical Engineering Question Papers

You can download Pharmaceutical Engineering previous question papers for the B.Pharm third semester exam from the given download links in the table.
No. Date Download Links
1 January-2019 Download
2 June-2019 Download
3 January-2020 Download
4 December-2020 Download
5 March-2021 Download
6 November-2021 Download
7 July-2022 Download
8 November-2022 Download
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